Sunday Post – January 25, 2015


Good morning sweetheart!

I hope you had a good time last night although socializing isn’t something either one of us likes to do.

I have to try and play catch up with my task list today. I stayed up until after 10:00 pm reading my book. I guess I really am turning into you in some ways. :) It’s a good book and I really couldn’t put it down.

I love you so much baby and more and more with each passing day.

Being without you on the weekend is just as painful to me as it was when we first fell in love.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I can hold you and give you a big passionate kiss.

I love you!

Wednesday Post – January 21, 2015


Good morning sweetheart!

I hope you were able to get some sleep last night without being poked. I guess that could mean two different things entirely. :)

I had a hard time getting out of bed. I hit the snooze button too.

I will absorb every second with you today like a sponge. We won’t have a lot of time together today so I want to savor every moment!

I can’t tell you enough or put into words just how much I truly love you! I fall deeper and deeper in love with you every day. I am just as excited to see you today as I was when we first began seeing each other.

I love you baby!

Sunday Post – January 18, 2015


Good morning baby!

Of course, the first thing I want to know about is how you feel? I hope your headache finally went away. I hate it when you are in pain.

I hope you have a great day baby. As you go about your day, please know that I’ll be thinking about you. I’ll be wondering about where you are and what you are doing. I’ll be fantasizing about holding you in my arms and kissing you passionately.

Maybe if the stars line up properly when can ever talk to each other today.

I miss you baby. So much…

I love you completely and unconditionally.

You are my world.

Our love…in words